Race Across America: Purdue Alumni Magazine

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Purdue University's Alumni Magazine about doing photos for a story about Bryce Carlson, one of their staff members, competing in a race across the country. A race ACROSS THE COUNTRY! The entire country ... coast to coast ... on foot! These are the kind of assignments I love. I love meeting interesting people who are doing amazing things. This was an event to raise awareness of childhood obesity and to encourage children to live healthy, active lifestyles. The group of runners began in California and for four and a half months ran a marathon (or a little more) every day with an average of one rest day per week and finished their journey at our nation's capital. I met up with Bryce in South Carolina and spent a day with him to capture the experience. I got to speak with Bryce briefly about his cross country journey. It was interesting to learn that the toughest part of the whole thing was not the physical aspect but the mental and social aspect of spending 4+ months away from home with strangers. I have a ton of respect and admiration for all of the runners who were able to compete and complete such a monumental thing.

Here are the tearsheets from the magazine: